Sunday, July 19, 2009

Harley Find's a New Home!

Harley was a great pasture pal and trailer riding buddy for many of our horses here. That was his job and he was good at it. However, he doesn’t care for human’s much and he can run really fast, so it was always tricky to convince him to stop long enough to be haltered.

Hard to catch!

But now we have Buster,
who is sweet and friendly little gelding pony who also makes a great pasture pal and trailering buddy and he likes to get caught. In fact, he’d rather be with people than anywhere else. He likes kids and he seems to have a great time taking the small ones for rides.

So recently, after much consideration, we decided that Harley would be a great new pasture pal for a lonely young filly owned by one of my customers.

And when it was time to take Harley to his new home, three year old Jake, was his trailer riding buddy.

Jakes Story
We had met Little Jake when he was a weanling about 6 months old and living in Tieten, in Eastern, Washington.

He was upset about the recent separation from his mom. She was a flea bitten gray Arab, but his coat color was more like that of his buckskin QH sire. Jake was in a tiny pen of tossed up wood fences and had been handled about as much as your average zebra.

We hauled the horse trailer over the pass with Harley inside so he could be a trailer buddy for Jake on the long ride back home. As most horse people know, when it comes to horses nothing goes according to plan most of the time. So it wasn’t a big surprise when the surprise snow storm blew in just as we got ready to haul the two little guys home. The pass was no longer passable with a horse trailer in tow. To be safe, we came home without the trailer, or Jake, or Harley. It would a few weeks before we could go back for them. So baby Jake, and mini Harley experienced their first Eastern Washington winter together in a round pen with the opened horse trailer for shelter. Harley was left standing in snow that was deeper than his legs were long, and Jake was afraid to go into the horse trailer. We hoped that by the time we returned, the horse trailer would be Jake’s second home. After most the snow melted though, the trailer wasn’t any more comfortable a place for Jake to be in than it was when we left. Jake was a wild baby, but it only took a couple hours of playing in the round pen to change him from a wild thing into a puppy dog,

which he’s been ever since. The two of them rode home safely together.

That was 3 years ago, so it was fitting that Jake would accompany Harley to his new home. We said our goodbyes to Harley and although I’ll still get to see him when I go to trim his hooves, he will be so missed.

Harley has been a pasture ornament here for about 5 years. He was the smallest horse in our field and he has perfect little mini feet, so he was great for student trimmers to practice trimming mini hooves. We miss him a lot and everyone who knows Harley asks about him. “Where’s that little guy who doesn’t like getting caught?

A good butt scratching!
Helping a friend learn the 7 games.
Teaching kids how to care for special equines.
His girl, Trudy, called for him for days after he left.

Jake says good bye to his little buddy.
Getting in the trailer for the ride to his new life.

He’s getting lots of attention with his new family and has a cute young girlfriend. What more could a little horse ask for?


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Awww! I so enjoyed reading the story about Jake and Harley. How fitting that Jake would accompany his friend to his new home.
What a cutie Harley is. And what a gorgeous boy Jake is, too. The new pony is sure a looked, as well.


HBFG said...

What a lovely story! I like your blog...! :)) Did you ever have students from europe?? ;-)

Pat said...

Thank you so much! I'm excited that you enjoyed it. It's those comments that keep me posting!

No, I have had a student from Europe yet, but would love the opportunity.

Ove Lind, from Sweden it touring the US and I'll be attending his clinic in Elma, Washington during the last weekend of this month, August. I'm excited to see him again.

I listened to a presentatio by Ove back in 2006 in Mission Beach, California at a AANHCP conference being held there. I agree with everything he teaches and trim much like he does. He's an awesome clinician with an accent that's fun to listen to!


Michelle said...

OMG I laughed so hard watching Harley, hooves pounding, heading for the hills in that video. I'm still laughing!