Saturday, April 10, 2010

DVD Ready for Pre-orders

Dear Fellow Horse Lovers!

For information on order our hoof trimming DVD, please go to our website!

Rich and Pat Wagner and all our horses, donkeys and mules!

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BethsRantsnRaves said...

Pat, I found you again! I just trimmed an Andalusian with extremely overgrown hooves. I had to wait until someone could pull the shoes. Here's a good one for you. My friend who now has the horse (new to owning) is being told by "reputable" Spanish horse people that within a month, he'll be sick with infection and die because he has no shoes. Do you believe that? She's trusting me so far in the heat of all that. The new barn she took him to has the owner trim/shoe. He does a pretty good job on the trim from what I can see. Much shorter than most around here. I'll keep you posted! Glad to catch back up with you!