Saturday, April 5, 2008

Progress on the Parelli Play Lot

Some of you know that Rich and I started working on, what we call the Parelli Play Lot, a couple years ago. Well, it’s been slowly coming along as we work around weather, time, energy and resources (money). If we could have earned $5 for every rock we picked up, we could pay off our mortgage.

We have all the parts and pieces to build an exact duplicate of a Parelli carwash, as well as a collection of old tractor tires to build pedestals and other obstacles, and some logs.

One large area will be the arena at the road end of the field. There may a water fountain in the pond, we’ll have to see how that goes. And today we purchased a picnic table at Costco!

We’re excited. It should be nearly done by mid-summer! I hope you can come and play!

Tilling the Weeds

The horses are a great help

Bulldozing the pond

Rocks for the pond

Cortez the Pond Turtle that we picked up on Cortez, Colorado on our way home from the 2007 PNH conference

The Sequoia Tree 2007

Rich mowing the field today!