Saturday, December 12, 2009

Basic Barefoot Trimming DVD progress

Just an update on how we are doing on the DVD.  The packaging is being developed and the title of the DVD is currently:

Discovering Your Horse's Natural Hoof.
Learn to Trim Your Barefoot Horses.

You will be able to purchase the DVD through the Rainier Equine Hoof Recovery Center website.  The original site has been replaced by one I'm working on myself and is still under construction.

And of course, all proceeds from the DVD sales go to the REHRC non-profit i.e. hay for the horses we are rehabbing.'

I'm hoping that we'll be distributing the DVD this Spring.  Just like natural hoofcare, it's a process!  But don't give's just a very busy time of year.


Sunday, December 6, 2009

Missouri Emergency Response Service

Hey, I just wanted to share this website with you all.  These folks are awesome!  I wish every state had an organization like this in place and was funded, at least partly by the state.  How much better off our large animal residents would be.

I copied this from their site:

GOOD SEARCH.....You can help support MERS every time that you're on your computer doing a search, without it costing you any money!! Rather than go to Google each time, there is a search engine called . The neat thing about this is that GoodSearch is powered by Google, so you get the same fast service while you are helping MERS. Every time that you go to GoodSearch, MERS receives a donation. All that you have to do is go to, under charity type in "Missouri Emergency Response Service"' then do your search. After the first time, it should be set up. If you put it up on the top of your computer on your tool bar, you are good to go every time that you want to do a search, and MERS benefits, each and every time!

MERS does not charge any money for our services. All of our expenses (fuel, etc.) come out of our own pockets, and the operating costs to keep the organization running relies entirely on corporate and private donations.

MERS has no paid employees. The 4 board of directors receive no compensation of any kind.


How cool is that!