Friday, June 20, 2008

Celebrate The Horse Update.

The event at Puyallup Fairgrounds went pretty well. My buddy, Kim, helped me all weekend (she really came threw for me, Thanks Kim!) and we took the two little mules, Mini Mouse who is on my website and Trudy. They were a hit! Not many mini mules around I suspect.

The turn out was a bit disappointing, but I was glad there weren’t very many people at my presentations, especially on Saturday!

I blocked! Which I blamed it on a lack of sleep the night before. I was awake most the night unable to stop thinking of all the stuff I wanted to say about Natural Hoof Care at the presenation the next day! Then, when the time came, I could not bring a thing I wanted to say to the surface. Panic!

One very kind man began asking me questions. He must felt sorry for me and tried to bail me out. I made a point to find him later and thank him, but I didn’t see him after that. If he should read this, “Thank you so much!”

Sunday’s presentation was better. I was rested, relaxed, prepared, and had my partially thawed cadaver hoof (those always get the crowd) and about half as many people showed up!

The stage was a few rubber mats with some light fence panels around. We turned the mules loose in there as a distraction. The top rail was right at my eye level. So I had to either duck down to peer out at the folks in the folding chairs in front of me, or stand on my tip-toes and peek over the top rail at them. It wasn’t a very comfortable set up.

After my presentation on Sunday, I performed a trim on a pretty Gypsy Vanner mare named Cloud. That was fun!

We talked to lots of nice folks about natural hoof care and I think some were actually interested in getting and/or keeping their horses out of shoes. A few of my customers stopped by and several other hoofcare practitioners, and it was really good to see them all.

At the end of the weekend, we packed up and on the way out, Kim and I sashayed past the Fancy Friesian people with our 2 little mules in tow. “Don’t be jealous of our mules.” I called out over my shoulder. But you know they were. (Smile!)
See you next year at...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Neenah says:

Horses are born skeptics, cowards, claustrophobics and panicaholics - by nature and varying degrees.

Humans can help us become calm, smart, brave, athletic, willing…partners

She got that from Pat Parelli. She's a bit of a skeptic and a coward, but she's athletic and quickly becoming calm, smart, brave,and we'll see about the "willing partner" later.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Baby Pictures

Neenah - one week old today!

She likes people, is very curious about everything including water, likes to play with the dog, and enjoys lots of good scratches!