Thursday, August 16, 2007

Monday, August 13, 2007

Day 2: I trimmed Dexter’s hooves today. His last trim was only 12 days ago, yet he still had quite a bit of sole to shed in the heels. I’m finally starting to see some healthy hoofwall at ground level at the toes. Something I haven’t seen up until now.

I can see also that he’s been suffering with some painful hoofwall abscesses along with the laminitis. Lots of dead laminae has become exposed. He was more tender after the trim. Plus I’ve stopped giving him bute because it masks the pain and I need to see exactly where he is pain-wise in order to tell if we’re making progress or not in the coming weeks. Dexter also has thrushy frogs. I’m treating that with mild iodine. I caution customers NOT to use the thrush remedies they find in the feeds stores. They are caustic and can literally eat right through to the inner-hoof.

My plan for Dexter during the next month is just to try stuff. He is a case study and his owner is okay with that. I’m administering an herb called Jiaogulan which has been found to have positive affects on laminitic horses. Including one of my own. Also, MSM and some other herbs I’m trying out. I plan to keep him in the sand arena at night and in the dirt field during the day. With mud soaks daily. Soaking his feet in mud means I will also have to keep them cleaned daily to thwart the thrush. I may also try soaking his feet in Borax water and applying an Epsom Salts Gel to the undersides of his hooves.

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