Friday, March 21, 2008

Free DVD's and Tickets to Parelli USA Tour Stop

Pat with Pat!
I've recently been accepted as a Parelli Ambassador. FINALLY!

So, among lots of wonderful things, I simply continue doing what I've been doing for years, but I'll be recognized for my efforts.

It also means that I have LOTS of free tickets to give away! The more tickets I give away, the more successful I'll be as an ambassador.

So if you know of anyone who would like free tickets to the Parelli USA Tour Stop, in Redmond, Oregon on May 10, let me know I’ll be happy to send them as many tickets as they want, along with a free DVD, Parelli's Secret, an introduction to Natural Horsemanship.
I’m going to be at the door at the Billings, Montana Tour Stop, greeting attendees!

They give away lots of stuff at these events. Saddles, bridles, halters, leadropes, DVD programs, etc.



Anonymous said...
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LindaB said...

Hey Pat! I'm sooo excited for you - it's about darn time they picked you that's for sure!! Have a great time!!

Pat Wagner said...

Thanks Linda! Good to see you still check out my blog now and then.

LindaB said...

of course I check out your blog! Its in my list of favorite websites

erik said...

Dear Pat: I am so glad that you have been accepted as a Parelli Ambassador. Your efforts for all the hard work that you have been doing all these years have finally been recognized. You go Doc. Ernie.