Thursday, July 10, 2008

Grand kids!

I just wanted to show you my cute grandkids!


erik said...

Dear Pat.

You sure have three beautiful grandchildren here Pat. They remind me of my children when they were that age. One boy and two girls, all close in age as these three beauties are. Be a good grandmother, show the children what happens on a farm. I remember my grand parents that operated a small farm like yours.
The children grow up so fast and then they are gone. Enjoy them while they are young and they will be there when you get old. e.

Pat Wagner said...

Hi Ernie,
You are so right about how fast our kids and grandkids grow up. Like magic almost. My daughter is in her thirties! Oddly, sometimes I feel like I haven't finished raising her. LOL. She tells me all about trials and tribs of raising 3 kids. She has her hands full, that's for sure. But the benefits to having grown children, are the grandchildren! And hopefully, I'll be around to see a few great grandkids. I'd love that!

Thanks again, for staying in touch.


erik said...

I hope and pray Pat that you will be around and in good health to enjoy your three little red haired grandchildren grow up and as you say a few great grandkids. I will stay in touch as long as you have me!

You go Doc.