Thursday, October 23, 2008

2008 AHA Region V 50 Mile Championship

Diane Stevens and her "barefoot" Arabian mare, Elation, Won the 2008 AHA Region V 50 Mile Championship.

This is what she had to say:

Friends and family,
I wanted to pass along my mare Elation's Championship info. Elation and I won the 2008 AHA Region V 50 Mile Championship. Elation was also awarded the covanent Best Conditon Award! Elation had a blistering finish time of 4 hours 39 minutes and also finished with all A's on her vet card. She is a special mare....Thank you everyone for your support!

Diane and Elation

Look at those loooong legs!

Elation is beautiful! And she is shoeless! Diane trims her hooves, herself! Very cool!

Congratulations Diane and Elation!


lytha said...

what endurance region does she compete in?

covenant? she means coveted: )

it's rare to both win and get BC, and to get all A's after a ride at that rate, that's nearly unheard of.

the barefoot endurance riders are a powerful group, and i am starting to finally understand their views. it took me a few years.

most disciplines can be ridden barefoot, but endurance is the ultimate.

~lytha, lapsed PNER/AERC member in germany

erik said...

Wow! What a beautiful horse and handler! e.

Tina said...

Do we know what kind of saddle she's riding in?

diane said...

we were riding in the NW Region Washington State. Elation is a special mare!

diane said...

I was using my Specialized Endurance saddle