Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Parelli's Again.

Here is a copy of a thread from our American Hoof Association Forum. I felt so strongly about it, I thought I would add it here.

A natural hoofcare practitioner from New York started the thead with this:

Check out this guy's site.

and then check out some photos of the Parelli's horses feet.

When do they come out with the savvy feed line (filled with molasses)?

My response:

Yep, this is very sad. At this year's conference, Linda brought this new farrier out to introduce him to the crowd. She was elated with his work. "Way more than shoeing!" is what she chirped to the crowd after she'd ridden poor Remmer for about an hour during a lesson with Walter Zettl.

Linda announced that her Dutch Warmblood, Remmer, was moving better than he ever had before. Poor Remmer was obviously hurting to my eye, but he wasn't obviously lame, I think because the hooves were so locked up and he probably had some pain equally in all fours. I didn't even notice Allure’s feet. But I could only see from the stands.

I did notice the 2 and 3 year olds were already wearing shoes. The farriers who started that website and the DVD have Parellis so bamboozled. And the Parellis, who I have the greatest admiration and respect for seem ignorant about hoof care, sadly, for such a bright couple.

I posted my experience about the 2008 conference on my blog because I was so sad about their views on hoof care. They advocate dumping molasses in their horses' water and the water of the students’ horses. Which I didn't know until Kay told me and one of the students there confirmed. It would not surprise me at all if they come out with a sweet feed that has their name on it.

During the 3 days of the conference, if I heard Pat say the word "Natural" once, I heard it a balizzion times. He says it makes his heart hurt to see some of the contraptions people put on their horses, torture devices to get the horses to cooperate with them. But his heart is okay with those hooves apparently. My heart was hurting for their horses.

At a tour stop in Billing a few months prior to the Conference, I personally handed Pat two copies of Joe Camp's book, with a note from Joe and a note from me inside along with my business card. I hoped that they read his book, but Joe said a few negative things about Linda (he was complimentary of Pat, but NOT Linda) so anything else he had to say in his book probably turned her off...if she read it. It would have had that affect on me as well.

So Bummer! Parelli's have such a profound impact and millions of horse people all over the world, including the Queen of England and her trainers! They are teaming up with amazing people like Driving Instructor, Nate Bowers whose dad was the most well known expert in natural driving trainer in the country, and the Dog Whisperer - Cesar Millan, and Dressage Horsemaster, Walter Zettl.

And now these farriers who came up with a tricky way to make owners think they are onto some amazing new contrivance for correcting hooves with shoes. And Parelli's they've gotten so far behind these farriers, their DVD is now advertised on Parelli's website!

And THAT has had a profound impact on this one Parelli student. And believe me, I’m not just someone who has dabbled in their training methods for a few years. Although, I've only passed the first Level assessment test with my mare, the Parelli professional who evaluated my test announced to a crowd of students that I was sitting with, that my test was 500 times better than his own. I was knocked out by that. I’ve been a practicing Parelli since 1996.

I'm a Parelli Amabassador! You should see my house! I have ALL the Parelli Level's programs (old set & new set) I have two sets of his original VHS tapes from his earliest days, and every set of DVD's they've introduced since then, Liberty and Horse Behavior and the Success Series, as well as the new Patterns programs.

My closet is full of Parelli shirts, jackets, coats, hats as well as pins, keychains, etc. In my barn, I have 5 carrot sticks and halters, so many different length ropes, I can’t keep track of them all.

I have the complete set of Savvy Club DVDs and CDs. We've devoted an acre of our property to a Parelli Playground AND I have tickets to a conference in Reno next year!

Two years ago I ordered a Parelli Saddle with my name on the gold plate on the back of the cantle along with all the accessories – a year later it arrived on my door step, that’s how back logged they were on their saddles!

I have invested thousands on what these people offer, because when it comes to their theories, I'm a believer! I use what I’ve learned to help other horse owners and with every customer’s horse and they "usually" love to cooperate with me.

It's not just about getting along with horses, it's learning the psychology of horses that works on any animal, including people!

But what they're doing with their horses' hooves and now that they are advocating a farrier who nails shoes and pads onto hooves with underun heels and long toes and they use a laser level to impress them by shoeing horses from the knees down, goes against everything I know to be true about the most important part of the horse besides his mind...okay...deep breath.

Sorry to get so emotional…this one really hits a nerve, but I'm glad you brought it up. I wish we could do something about it.


BethsRantsnRaves said...

I just had to write to you! You and your Parelli work turned DB Jasur around and me onto their training methods. I love what they do and how they do it. I may not agree with their hoof methods, but the rest is unbelievably great. So, just remember, it's okay for you to promote Parelli training and not agree with their shoeing. At this point, they are convince what they are doing is correct and I have read articles where they believe barefoot doesn't work for them, but they promote being as natural as they can. So, keep up with pushing Parelli, but just do a disclaimer that you don't agree with their hoof knowledge and that they are being misled. There, you are covered!
Beth in Spain

Reddunappylitivensfe said...

Ya this is pretty sad, I dont remember thier feet looking so bad in '07 when we went to the tour stop on Oregon. My dad was a farrier in the '70s, and he taught me to trim when I was 12, when he caught me out fileing my horses feet so I could ride LOL "the cobblers kids" I have been trimming my own ever since. Most recently I realy like Pete Rameys techniques.
I know that the Parellis horses work hard, but most of it is done on soft dirt, why do they need this much hardware? is Remmer navicular, with that kind of shoeing, either it way overkill or something is going on. The poor cracked and long toe????? Magics feet look horrible, long toe, hmmmm I wonder too, what the heck are they thinking. I have seen this thread on the Parelli google lists, and most people get drummed for even thinking a bad thing about the Parellis, I to love thier training techniques, but as you said it does not make them hoof care gurus too.

Great blog by the way!

Cora said...

Wow, the pictures of some of the Parelli tour horses' feet are just awful. What a sad interpretation of natural horsemanship!

erik said...

Dear Pat: Sorry to see you so upset! These horses hooves do look real bad. You must do what you do best Doc. That's by educating and treating one horse and owner at a time! e.

Jeanne said...

There IS a way to fix it. Be vocal about it. The more we talk about what natural and/or barefoot trimming is doing for our horses when we are in the presence of PNH staff, without directly criticizing the Parellis' choice, the more the message will get out there.

I'm like you--dedicated, obsessive student who owns far too much stuff and has been to tours and Ocala and numerous clinics and I'm a barefoot advocate thanks to my IR mare. It does trouble me that they are shoeing advocates.

But, like Pat often says, "you don't know what you don't know" and we're all where we need to be on this journey. My hope is that eventually, they'll join us in barefootin' it.

Mustang Heritage said...

this is sad and pitful.
I am new to barefoot (last few years) and i am studying to be a trimmer. I use abrasvie trimming by Phil Morrare but want to learn every thing and spealize in donkeys, and still do horses.
I really wish the parelli's wpuld wake up and see shoes aren't the answer and to seriously study equine feet. a good trim is freedom to a animal.

Pat said...

"a good trim is freedom to an animal."

Well said, Mustang Heritage.

Thank you for joining the ranks of natural hoof care professionals.


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