Monday, September 14, 2009

Ain't That a Kick In The Head...

Did I do that?

I just wanted to add a post today to remind everyone I care so much about, those I know and those I haven't met yet, to please be so careful around your horses.

Spencer has been getting so much better around people, but he can easily revert back to that unhandled stallion who joined our group last year. Occasionally, he expresses his annoyance with his feet! But usually, his aggressive gestures are directed at the other horses while he's eating. Not at me.

Still he sometimes lets me know when it’s me bugging him. Normally, I get after him for forgetting not to kick around me, but on Sunday, I wasn't paying close attention and probably could be in the hospital today, or worse, if I didn't have such a hard head.

I was clipping the hair around Spencer's gargantuan front hooves so I could get a better view of them. He doesn't always display obvious signs of annoyance, so they are easy to miss and Rich missed them as he was standing at Spencer’s head. Draft's are typically just so easy going that we can take their tolerance for granted without even realizing it.

And I was busy clipping away at his lower legs not realizing Spencer was getting bent about it. Guess where my head was while I was coming around behind his front legs with the clippers? He raised his hind hoof up and bam! To the moon, Alice! That’s where I felt like I was for a second or two.

First, I felt this:

then I saw a nanosecond of blackness, followed by this:

A couple pints of blood later, I decided I didn't want to go to the hospital and wait for 7 hours in the lobby with 87 sick people like we did a few weekends ago when Rich dove head first off a stack of hay bales and landed on his head on the edge of the utility trailer. His injury was worse then mine. He didn’t cry. I did.

This morning, I spent a couple hours playing with Spencer in the round pen. We just did some ground work, but I had my helmet on. From now on whenever I'm around him or any other untrained horse, I will be wearing my helmet. I don't care how silly I look.
Later I went to work and trimmed 4 unruly horses and 1 nice one. I felt okay, but I was so paranoid of my head that whenever one of the horses would lift a hind leg I'd jerk back, wishing for my helmet.

About a month ago, I was standing beside my beefy QH gelding, Danny, in the driveway. He was next to the fence and I was on the other side. Our dang dogs suddenly ran up to him and didn’t start yapping until they were right next to him.. He spooked and jumped into me, knocking me off my feet and sending me backwards onto the gravel. I HAD my helmet on then and could tell from the impact I would have gone to the hospital if I hadn't been wearing it.

Anyways, I know I don't have to remind you to be careful out there and protect your noggins even when you're not riding, and to make sure your guests who come to ride your horses are always wearing helmets even if they are just standing beside the horses. But I will anyways because I care about you.

Heads up!

Yes, it was me...Sorry.


Mikey said...

Boy, is this head injury month or what? Glad you're ok and good post on remembering what horses are capable of.

The old timer who taught me to shoe told me a whole passel of good info, and one that stuck with me was this. He said "Don't EVER think that even if you're standing at their head, you're safe. You're not. Ever see a horse scratch his ear? Then you know they can and will get a foot up there"

He was right. I stood at the shoulder of a mare once and she double tapped me with a hind so quick, I never saw it coming. Saw what it left behind for a week though..
and a little shetland stud, who while I had a front foot up, reached up with a hind (left him standing on only the two legs) and kicked my hat off my head as I was bent over. It was an eye opener!

Amazing what they can do. Spencer.. whew. That was a close one. Be careful!

Dusty Devoe said...

WOW! I am so grateful you are okay. Great post. I have been injured twice in horse riding inicidents the last two months. Stitches in the lip the first, and the 2nd time my belt buckle hooked up over the saddle horn and I had a 4" bruise and still have a bump and it is still really sore after three weeks. Will go to the doctor if it doesn't go away.
I know I get careless at times, and it is things like this that makes be be more aware. Take care of yourself!

WarPony said...

My boy Brego has never so much as stomped a foot at a fly while am working around his feet but my helmet goes on every time I go to pick him out or brush or oil his feather.

I bounced my head off the ground twice just a few weeks ago. I love helmets.

Reddunappy said...

When I was a teenager I had the hay kicked off of my shoulderby my gelding while carrying it out to feed, boy that was a close one.

All I can say is OOOwwwee, hope its better soon!

One Red Horse said...

I don't hesitate to put on my helmet if Red or Lyra are having wild days. Of course we work on readjusting their attitudes, and while we do I work on protecting my few remaining functioning brain cells.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Yikes! I'm so glad to read that nothing serious happened, but wow, what a sliced up head. Did you need stitches?

I think I need more than just a helmet around horses....wings, a bullet proof vest, a canine protection suit and bubble wrap might help.

Thanks for the helpful helmet reminder.


allhorsestuff said...

Pat!! Oh so glad you are among the living!
Yea..I have been rethinking the ground work of late...with a helmet as well. Good for you to speak up.
Love that boy of yours tough he reverted on you!