Sunday, May 2, 2010

Hoof trimming video trailer

Here is the youtube link to the DVD trailer!

How to Trim the Barefoot Horse. 

Give us another week or so and it will be shipped to those who have preordered.  And Thank you to everyone who has ordered their video.

To order a video, go to



WickedStepKids said...

In desperation I ordered this video - not at all expecting a high-quality video with very well articulated explanations accompanied by great video. I'm a reporter/producer who does national PBS stories and I am hugely impressed with the quality of this video. I've learned so much already and I'm not even done watching. Thank you, Pat. - Stephanie O'Neill

Lperky said...

Hi Stephanie,

I was so happy to find this website... I have started trimming my own horses using the natual hoof care method....had I not seen your comment I probably would not have ordered the dvd and then discovered the great tools...(I was lost on which ones to buy!) I also have the Pete Ramey book "Making Natural Hoof Care Work for You" (it is also very very good) Thanks so much from one horse lover to another! Linda Perkins

Lperky said...

I love the rainierhoofrehab website! Natural hoof care concept is not only desperately needed but do-able.
L. Perkins