Monday, July 26, 2010

DVD Reviews!

We're happy to be receiving some greaet feed back from people who have purchased and watched the DVD.

Here are a few viewer testimonials for Discovering Your Horse's Natural Hooves - How to Trim the Barefoot Horse:

The DVD arrived yesterday and I watched it immediately. Twice! The DVD is terrific! Very informative, great quality, and just the
motivation needed! It is exactly what I needed. I've visited all the websites, I've read many of the books (including Pete Ramey's), but what I needed was a visual presentation that would give me the confidence needed to try that first trim. You're DVD was perfect! Eric, CA

We are extremely impressed and excited about practicing and learning to trim our horses. It isn't nearly as intimidating as we learn more about the goals. Keep up the great work and please realize that you are a prayer answered for so many horse owners. Dan, WA

What a very good DVD you made! It was easy to understand and done in laymans language. I've watched the trimming twice. It was nice to be able to see exactly what you were doing. Other DVD's are not as professional as this one and it's difficult to see what exactly what he's doing! Debbie, WA

Great DVD! Very professional. My wife is a teacher and she was very impressed with your teaching style. Cliff, WA

Pat, your DVD is awesome! It is wonderful. I love how it repeats so I don't have to replay what I want to hear again. It is totally, totally,totally too cool. Linda, WA

Okay, so going out to my barn now to make a few changes to my trims recommended on your DVD. I finally feel like I've found the answers I've been looking for! Thank you SO MUCH! Sara, OR.


RG said...
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Linda Morgan said...

Patty, I love you sister and want to thank you for your training. You have such a passion for trimming and helping helpless horses. I don't have that passion but I do like seeing beautiful feet.

Thanks to Cliff pressuring me to trim. Cliff would say, "Well, Pat can do it, so you can too." Then Cliff would give me a lesson. So a big thank you to you, and to Cliff. I am trimming our four horses and doing a great job of it. It is exciting to see that finished foot. It is like art work.

Love you sister, Linda

Pat said...

Thanks Sis! I'm so happy it's working out for you! I knew it would. Very cool that Cliff was there to push you into practicing! It can be so liberating to know that you can care for your own horse's hooves, and keep them in a constant state of good health. Rather than relying and paying someone else to do what we can do oureselves. That is what my DVD is all about!