Saturday, July 28, 2007

Do we need a union?

Dogs love us!

Pete Ramey trimming for a customer in Georgia.

When I was a teenager, we were into natural hoofcare long before it was a ground-breaking movement. We rode our horses until their shoes until their shoes were paper-thin and fell off, then we rode them barefoot! That has been over 40 years ago, if you can imagine me being that old. I certainly can’t.

The thing is this. The cost of having a horse’s hooves trimmed or shod has not kept up with the times. From time to time, I hear horseowners complain about what they are charged for professional hoof care.  I think to myself, these are the very same people who spend small fortunes on their horses! They invest thousands on saddles, bridles, bits, brushes, blankets, trucks, trailers (big inhale here) and over $3.00 a gallon for gas! But yet they take issue with what farriers and trimmers charge to care for the one thing they absolutely can’t do without in order to ride their horse. THE HOOVES!

So pardon me, but I just had to get that off my chest. Hoof care professionals in my opinion are the most underpaid people on the planet. Our job involves the 3 “D’s. It’s difficult, dirty and dangerous. Don’t even get me started on the nightmare of scheduling…that’s another entry.

Yet, over the past 45 or so years that I can recall, fees for hoof care hasn't really gone up all that much.  Especially when you consider that I personally remember my mom paying 35 cents a gallon to fill her gas tank.  And well, I also remember her complaining about the price of gas back then.  And the price of bread and just about everything else.  So I guess it's all relevant, but thanks for listening.  I feel better now.

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