Sunday, July 29, 2007

Taming a Wild Mouse

For those of you who have been to my website to the "Success Stories" page you may have read the story of Minnie. I found her, fending for herself mostly, in a huge field and she hadn't been touched by a human for a very long time. We're not sure how old Minnie is, but I'd guess around 8 years old. I just wanted to share these before and after shots with you. Although there was some pain involved for both of us, seeing these pictures brings a tear to my eye and I was most closely involved with her transformation. She still has a bit of a mean streak somewhere deep inside her, but she's mostly a pretty nice little girl now, and it's only been 4 months since I found this mousy little mule running wild.

Mean Minnie Mouse just after we brought her home in March 2007.

. . . . . and her feet.

The new and improved Minnie! June 2007


Cora said...

Wow, Pat, she looks so much better now! Good on you!

LindaB said...

I did not realize how bad her feet were when you first got her. She sure is a pretty girl now!!