Friday, December 21, 2007

Classy & Cricket Update

One week ago, I began a new treatment for both mares, soaking their front hooves in a combination of ingredients I've concocted. In this video, the clips of the mares struggling to walk were taken a few days before I started soaking their hooves, an improved over when the arrived here 2 months ago. But in the last clips you'll can see something different. True, the ground they are moving on is soft, but there certainly seems to be a difference in how they are weighting their front feet. See what you think.


Ernie said...

Look at those horses run! Isn`t that what they love to do!

Pat Wagner said...


Except eat.

Ernie said...

Yes Doc. "except eat" you are right! But if they are sick and in pain, they do not eat! e.