Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Foundered Hooves in Boots

This is how Cricket moves over rocks in her boots. Without boots, she will tip her weight back onto her already tender hind hooves and walk as if she is walking over a bed of nails. The boots get horses moving and using their lateral cartiledges (navicular area) of the hoof. The boots incorporate frog pressue into the pads which is necessary to bring the frog back into function if it has atrophied. These are the Soft Ride Comfort boots. Measure carefully for the boots. The size 6 tends to run small while there is a big difference between the 5 and the 6. Five is larger than six, but quite a bit.

When I was trying to film her walking, Cricket was pretty sure I was hiding some treats some where on my body so she was sure she was going to have to flip me upside and shake them out of my pockets. She's had her teeth floated by Equine Performance Dentistry so her mouth is feeling better and she's not dropping as much grain. She's still getting used to chewing a new way. I'll try to get a better video to upload soon. Promises promises, I know.


Ernie said...

What a beautiful horse, she sure has a spectacular coat. Cricket appears to be a very happy, healthy horse due in fact to her Doc. e.

Ernie said...

Give us more pictures. Thanks Doc. e.

Pat Wagner said...

Thank you Ernie,

Cricket is a pretty mare. Kind of snorty at times, but a nice girl. I hope I can make her sound again someday. I think the owner wants to sell her if I can. If her feet didn't hurt so much, I could do more with her training wise. We just have to wait and see.

Thanks again for tuning in. I appreciate it very much.

Ernie said...

It is too bad that the owner would give her to a good home that would take care of her need like you Doc. e.

Pat Wagner said...

Really, I think he probably would do that, if he could find someone. I would love to take them in, we have taken in so many horses and minis, we just can't afford to take in anymore without help. Most we have helped back to soundness, but then I get attached and can't let them go. I'm in the process of trying to rehome a few now though. The cost of hay is bankrupting us. If I don't do something, we could all be looking for a new home soon. I wish there was a show called Extreme Hoof Recovery Center Makeover and someone would nominate us to it. Then we could take in so many more horses in need. But until then, we just do that best we can.