Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Glove!

Hey, just wanted to share with you all, my opinion of this fairly new hoof boot.


This boot was developed with the input of Pete Ramey and the name he came up for it is right on. It has to be fit perfectly so you can't just go buy a pair off the shelf at the tack store, well you can, but chances is are, it won't fit perfectly enough to work well for your horse. There is only about 3mm (about the width of a dime) between sizes.

When you get a good fit, you have a wonderful hoof boot for your horse.

Power Strap for extra security.

The only drawback I've found so far is that they are so popular, I can't keep them in stock. And Easy Care, Inc., has them on backorder most the time because supply isn't keeping up with demand. Bummer. I hope that changes soon.

If you've ever considered going barefoot, but hoof protection options stopped you. Now is the time to try it! for more information.


DraftCrossFool said...

I wish they made The Glove for bigfoot horses. :(

Pat said...

Me too.

Andrea said...

Aah! Precicely the thing I want to ask a hoofcare professional about. I've been toying with ideas for footware for eventing, which Gogo does beautifully bare, but we do do a lot of roadwork and her feet have been wearing faster than I'd like given all this rain (seriously like a month of it nonstop!) I know these boots have held up to cutting, but what do you think about galloping/jumping? I also wonder if you have any experience with the Renegades, and what you think about them.

Pat said...

Hi Andrea,

Yes, I think the Gloves would do fine for running/jumping. The key is to make sure they are fitted correctly.

The only experience I have with the renegades is what I've heard about them. They don't fit like a glove, like The Glove does for one. Part of the boot extends a ways past the medial hoofwall. So for base narrow horses, there can be an issue of interference.

But other than that, I've heard nothing but positive things about the that boot.

I don't know what they cost comparted to the Glove which sells for anyway from $47, plus tax to $57 a boot. I sell the them for $50 per boot which includes tax. So $100 per pair.


Andrea said...

LOL well you should fit and sell me some! Wait, I'm in Connecticut.

Next year when I run Training, I expect I'll likely do most of it barefoot. But, you never know. Two pairs of boots on hand is something I should likely have around.

Pat said...

Buy me a ticket to come see you and your horse and I'll sell you the boots! LOL!:-)