Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Lights! Camera! ACTION!

I just wanted to share some big news! For a few years now I've been day dreaming about making a video (DVD) on the topic of How To Trim Your Horse Naturally.

Well, it appears that it's going to happen! Filming starts on the 24th of this month. I'm stoked! And very nervous!

This DVD will illustrate, on a variety of hooves, how to perform a maintenance trim on an average Equine Hoof - horse, mule and donkey, and focus mainly on the tools, tool handling, and correct trimming.

It will be affordable to most horse owners and it will be professionally filmed with a high definition camera, and edited by professionals, so you are assured that the quality of the DVD will be excellent if you choose to purchase it.

I can hardly believe my day dream is coming true and the film crew from Epona Producations will be coming to our facility!

How did this happen? Well, it started when one of my Natural Hoof Care Practitioner Colleges went on maternity leave and asked me if I would trim some of her customer's horses in her area (one being in North Bend, WA. Drive time with traffic? About 2 hours one way). Until she could return to work.

The horseowner that I got to meet in North Bend is an amazing woman and when I discovered that she and her husband are professional film makers, I had to share my dream with her about the DVD. One thing led to another and we started making plans!

Gayle and her husband own Epona Productions in Northbend. They travel all over the world making many award winning films!

Here is a sample of Gayle's work! Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program Interesting and well done!

I'll keep you posted and if you are interested in purchasing a DVD when it's ready, go to (A website currently under construction) or send me an email.

Wish me to break a leg!



DraftCrossFool said...

Wow, that's terrific news, Pat! I can't wait to buy one! Congratulations :)

HBFG said...

That's so cool! Congratiolations on your dream come true! :))

One Red Horse said...

What wonderful news! I'll be waiting in line to buy your DVD. Better start practicing your autograph now.

Reddunappy said...

Great! Cant wait until it comes out!!

Mustang Heritage said...

Oh cool!
I would like to get one also!!

WarPony said...

Put me on the list of future buyers, for sure!!!!

Michelle said...

Is your DVD out yet?