Thursday, October 4, 2007

2007 Parelli Conference

We laughed, we cried, we cheered, we fell silent waiting for more...and more...and more. It was such an emotion packed 3 days. It was draining and exhilerating at the same time and we're goin' again next year!! I love everything about Linda and Pat Parelli and the Savvy team. I just wish they didn't shoe their horses.

I've been going to the Savvy Club Forum and members have been posting these of amazing pictures. Rich and I are in some of them. See if you can spot us. (We're on the end of the bleachers about 1/2 way up. Rich's mustache is easy to spot.) It was such awesome experience. We purchased our tickets for next year's conference while we were there. I see they're almost sold out already.
Parellis joined forces with the Myler bit brothers and came out with a cool new bridle that comes with a bit that fits your horse's personality. I don't think it's for sale on their website yet, but I have one and I love it!! I actually save so much money with Parelli items. I only buy what I need now. I used to buy every gadget that anyone would tell me worked. Now I only buy what Parelli's sell that actually does. I have so much stuff that I never use from my normal days. I could have a pretty big tack sale all by myself.


LindaB said...

I found you and Rich!!! You're in the one with Pat and Casper - right? Do I win a prize now????

LindaB said...

the one with him next to the crowd, not the one of him and Casper jumping over the cow flavored barrel. (just wanted to clarify....)

This is about Pat said...

Yep, you found us!!