Wednesday, October 10, 2007

New Additions to the Farm

Recently, I met a very nice lady who was doing her best to care for 2 geriatric horses and a mini donkey and mule. Her husband was the sole caretaker of them and he took the best care of his equine charges. Sadly, he passed away suddenly and his wife was left to care for his pets as best she could with help from friends and a neighbor. They were doing well, except for their hoofcare so I was called in to work on that part of their care. One thing led to another and well, Annie and Franny came home with me shortly after my first visit! Annie's hooves were quickly brought back into shape. I trimmed her 2 days after she arrived here.

Franny isn't a very friendly sort and has made past hoofcare impossible. So when I met her, her hooves were over 6 inches straight out in front of her. The walls had rolled under on the sides and she was walking on the outer hoofwall. Her ligaments were stretched beyond their normal limits and running away from, and kicking at people, was showing signs of pain.

Her first trim involved removing as much of the excess hoof as she would stand for...with a hacksaw. The procedure went well and we at least relieved the stress on her ligaments and tendons. However, as soon as we turned her loose, she thanked me by kicking me in the stomach. (What's up with these mini mules? Doesn't any one handle them after they're born?)

I've yet to trim her a second time as we're working on making friends first so the procedure isn't as traumatizing for her... or me.

We are up to 12 equines now, most are rescues, and we're going to stop now.

Um, yeah, that's what I said after each one came here to live.

But really, I mean it this time!

Yes, I said that too.

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LindaB said...

I remember when you said 9 was enough. Can't wait to meet #13

You do have to admit - Kim's mini donkeys are the sweetest ever!!!