Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gettin' Stuff Done

Rich and I have lots of projects going all the time. AND we have lots of "stuff" that I would like to either get rid of, or put away somewhere. But first, there is just so much to get done!

Last Saturday, Rich and neighor Jim started the board fencing across the front of the pasture and on Sunday we got busy preparing for the upcoming muddy season.

This project started a few weekends ago when Neighbor Jim and Rich removed the old dirt, shavings, decomposed hog fuel, etc that we had put in the main loafing shed/paddock area over the years.

Then they replaced that material with 6 - 8 inches of pit run.

Last Sunday, we packed the layer of pit run (after letting the horses pack it down for a few weeks). Then Rich put a few inches of "top surface crushed rock" (3/4 minus crushed rock) and we packed that down. The horses will till the surface up a little bit, but it won't ever get as muddy in there as it has in winters past and cleaning up in there will be so much easier.

Packing the bottom layer of
pit run.
Rich packing to crushed rock.
All work is supervised by the Scrunchster!

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