Monday, August 25, 2008

New Post!

I decided I'd better put up something new here. I've been so busy with the Brouhaha over Spencer these days that I haven't been keeping up with my other blogs.

Funding for Suzie has stalled out and there is still most of the hospital bill to pay and the person who called with the promise to cover any remaining expensives that donations didn't - isn't jumping up to the plate to do that as quickly as she jumped up to make the offer. That has left Glenda in a very difficult financial bind. I'm really sorry I didn't do things differently there. We should have asked her to "put her money where their mouth is." Now I know what that saying actually means, but it's too late to help Glenda.

We’ve just been working hard on projects around here including some new fencing. Our neighbor Jim drives over almost every Saturday on his tractor and helps Rich out a lot with stuff that he’s been trying to get to for a long time. Rich helped Jim put up a new shop at his place and spent a number of weekends there on that, so our wonderful neighbor has been returning the favor. It’s nice when neighbors can help each other out that way!

You scratch my back - I'll scratch his!

Jake, me and Neenah are helping each other out! Jake is the 3 year Quarab form Eastern Washington.

We've put in more fencing like what's in the background of this picture. The material has been here for awhile, we just had to find time to get to it.

Erin and the grandkids came down this afternoon to go shopping for school supplies and clothes. I haven’t done that in a few years! Nearly 20! It was fun! Here is my little 2 year old granddaughter. Even with chocolate on her face, she's a pretty cute kid!


You've gotta start somewhere and this is a pretty safe way to do it.

Just thought I'd throw in this handsome picture of my boy Danny. I wish I had more time to spend with this guy. He's really a sweet horse.

But he was lame most the summer from the abscess he suffered a while back (see post below). He has been improving, but it will be an issue until until I can get it completely exposed. Which could take another 9 months.

Abscesses can be such a crippling condition, which just isn't realized by many horsepeople, farriers and vets.

I have to wonder how many horses have been put down due to a mystery chronic lameness when the problem was an abscess. Something that would have eventually resolved itself. That's another issue with horseshoes. Shoes will cause a stagnation in hoof growth and healing so tenderness and sensitivity from an abscess can reside in a shod hoof for many years.

Things are getting busier with trimming and I have a clinic coming up at the end of this week. That's always a busy three days that tends to wear me out.

On the 3rd, we're leaving for Pagosa Springs, Colorado, to the 2008 Parelli Savvy Conference. Road Trip!

The following weekend is book up as well. Sheesh!

Thanks for visiting!


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erik said...

Dear Pat. It sounds as if you have a full plate. Too much worry and stress is not good. You should start slowing down not speeding up. It is too bad for the Suzie fiasco. It sure can take a gouge out of your heart. The pictures of your grandchildren are so precious. Take care Doc. I am sure things will get better! e.